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The stones of the field and other mineral resources of the Holy Land have always affected what its people can grow, what they can build and how they build it, and many other practical and aesthetic aspects of living.

The Gold of That Land uses the resources of geology, archeology, and history to determine the identity and occurrence of the minerals, gemstones, metals, rocks, and other earth resources mentioned in the Bible. It shows how they contributed to life in biblical times and how they enrich the language and records of the Bible.

This site will help Bible students at all levels, as well as visitors to the Holy Land, and it will enable general readers who delight in the works of the Lord (Psalm 111:2) to find fresh lessons for our times.

-- Richard S. Barnett, Virtual Curator

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"Herr Gott,

     seane dieses Haus und alle Leute die du gehen ein und aus."

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List of Biblical Minerals & Rocks

Biblical Minerals & Rocks

Appendix 1: Stones Not Mentioned in the Bible    

Appendix 2: The Building Stones of Jerusalem

Appendix 3: The High Priest’s Breastplate        

Appendix 4: Rock Classification Charts

Appendix 5: Geologic Column & Stratigraphy

Appendix 6: The Mohs scale of Hardness



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